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Integrate Pleo
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Pleo gives you the ability to integrate your expenses, receipts and account movements into Holded so that all your accounting is up to date. To perform the integration, you will need to complete two actions in Holded:

  1. Generate an API Key to synchronise the two systems.

  2. Add a new bank to reconcile the transactions associated with your Pleo account.

Once this is done, you will need to configure your Pleo profile so that Holded is recognised as your accounting system.

Once setup is complete, all the details of your Pleo account expenses that you export to Holded will be reflected in the Expenses section and in the balance sheet of the Bank that you have associated with your Pleo account in Holded.

If this is the first time you are using your Pleo account with a supplier, remember to create their contact in Holded with a VAT number and related account number so that the receipts are posted correctly.

Finally, please note that when integrating Pleo with Holded the accounts will be synchronised according to the order of the chart of accounts in Holded. It is therefore advisable that you set up your Pleo categories in the same order.

Steps to perform the integration

Generate API key:

  1. Go to Settings from the Menu.

  2. Go to More > Developers.

  3. Click on New API key.

  4. In the description field, type Pleo and click Save.

  5. In the list of API Keys you will find the API key. Copy and paste the API key into your Pleo profile, choosing the Holded online format as explained here.

Add Pleo to your bank list:

  1. From the Toolbar, go to Banks.

  2. Select Banks.

  3. Click on the Create button at the top right.

  4. Select Bank.

  5. Type in Pleo.

  6. Fill in your IBAN and SWIFT Pleo details.

  7. Click Next.

Finally, please note that if you do not have your Pleo IBAN and SWIFT details, they can be found under the Wallet tab in the Pleo app.

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