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Dropbox: how to integrate it with Holded
Dropbox: how to integrate it with Holded

Store a copy of the sales documents in your Dropbox account.

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This integration gives you the ability to transfer sales documents, such as invoices, quotes or proformas, to your Dropbox account.

Activate the integration

  1. Opens to the Menu in the upper right corner

  2. Click Holded Store

  3. Select Dropbox from the Integrations


  4. Click on Connect and configure

  5. In the pop-up, click Connect your account

  6. Enter your credentials Dropbox to sign in

  7. Grant the necessary permissions

Export sales documents to Dropbox

  1. Access the list of invoices (or from estimates , or from proforms )

  2. Select one or more documents

  3. In the bottom bar click Dropbox

  4. Copy the path of the destination folder

  5. Click Submit

  6. In the warning message, click Yes to confirm the submission

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