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View the Purchase Orders report
View the Purchase Orders report

Analyse where your business stands with respect to your purchase orders.

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First of all:

  1. Go to Analytics in the toolbar

  2. Select Reports

  3. From the left sidebar, select the Purchase Orders option.

What is the Purchase Orders report

This is an automated report that compiles all the data about your purchase orders by total amount, units, supplier, product or accounting account.

You can export each section of the report in Excel or PDF, filter by Tags and choose the graphical display that best suits your needs, between the bar chart and the line chart. With the star icon you can mark the report as your favourite and view it as soon as you enter the Reports section.

Understanding the data

You can filter the information you need to consult by date, with a maximum time range of 12 months.

Purchase orders

This is the main category, where all the data related to the purchase invoices issued are gathered. The data shown is broken down according to:


The total amount of taxes linked to your purchase orders.


The subtotal of your purchase orders


The number of units purchased


The sum of Subtotal and Taxes

Purchase orders by supplier

In this section you will find all the information about your orders classified by suppliers.

Purchase orders by product

In this section of the report you will find the data related to all purchased products. The breakdown is organised by product name.

Purchase orders by account

This is where the data about your orders is collected, distributed by those purchase accounting accounts assigned to you.

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