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Problem solving: adding leasing data
Problem solving: adding leasing data

How to correctly report expenses related to leasing.

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What is the problem?

When creating a new purchase invoice, you need to report and account for leasing expenses.

How to solve

1. Activate line invoicing to different accounts

  1. Create a purchase invoice as explained here

  2. Click on Options

  3. Activate Account per item and Show all accounts

2. Add lease instalments and interest

  1. Go back to the purchase invoice creation mode.

  2. In the Item field, type in Leasing instalment and indicate the accounting account 524.

  3. Click on Add line

  4. Write another Concept for the interest and select the accounting account 6623.

Afterwards, when you receive the charge in the bank, you will have to reconcile it against the purchase invoice. Don't forget to modify the accounting accounts for the instalment and the interest.

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